Surebo Mediawees - Features

Surebo Mediawees - Features

Simple and Easy-to-use Interface

Mediawees provides an easy-to-use interface with control buttons in the bottom and playlist management buttons on the right.

Minimizable to System Tray

Keep your taskbar as clean as possible with this feature.
just minimize Mediawees to system tray and control the playback from a single right click menu.

Replay Toggle

Surebo Mediawees features a Replay Toggle button which specifies if Mediawees should repeat the current item,
the whole playlist, never replay anything, or shuffle and play a random item from the playlist every time a media file's duration ends.

The MDWS Playlist File Format

Sick of playlist managers telling you they cannot locate your MP3's ? Then Mediawees is the program for you!
Mediawees uses Surebo's MDWS file format to store playlists with the media files and sorting inside.
Why shouldn't a playlist contain its files ? MDWS also uses fast compression to shrink its size, resulting in one file smaller than all of media files.
Other playlist file formats require you not to delete or move your files, while with MDWS you can move them or delete them freely, the media is in the playlist!

Manage your playlists with ease

Drag the media items to reorder them, simple! Just don't forget to save.

Support for Various Media File Formats

Surebo Mediawees can open and play various media file formats which are :
MP3's (.mp3), Windows Media Audio (.wma), Wave Files (.wav), MP2's (.mp2),
MPA's (.mpa), Musical Instrument Digital Interface (.midi, .mid), RIFF MIDI file (.rmi),
Audio Interchange File Format (.aif, .aifc, .aiff), AU's (.au), and Sound Files (.snd).

Check for Updates

In the Menu located in the status bar, there is a Check for Updates menu item. Clicking it will check from Surebo's server if there is an update.
You can use it so you won't miss any updates for Mediawees and keep yourself using the latest and greatest software.

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