Surebo Mediawees - Media Player and Playlist Manager

Surebo Mediawees

Mediawees is a free media player and playlist manager. It manages playlists using the new MDWS file format, which stores all the music in itself.
Made by Surebo Technologies, we think that it will be a popular program. We will accept any requests, comments, notes, or opinions on

Why Mediawees ?

Unlike any other playlist manager, Mediawees can compress music files into the playlist file. What does that mean ? You don't have to keep your media files in the same folders, and you don't have to keep them at all!
A common thing in playlist files today is that they only store the location of the media files, requiring you not to move or delete the original files, while the MDWS playlist file stores the media in itself, resulting in one file, smaller than the original media files, which you can move freely, or delete.
This method enables converting your music libraries into playlist files, thus managing the media while preserving disk space.
The player also has a simple and easy to use interface.
All of this and more in Surebo Mediawees, and it's still FREE !

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