Surebo Imakwees - Features

Surebo Imakwees - Features

Helpful Status Bar

While viewing images, the status bar will provide you with the image's location, width, and height.

Fit Image in Screen

If the image is too big or too small, you can click "Image" then "Shrink to Fit" and the image will fit into the window,
you can show it back to its actual size by clicking "Image" then "Unshrink".

Convert Images

To convert major images types, click the "Convert" menu, then click "Choose From and To...",
then click on "Browse..." and choose the image you want to convert, and it will appear on the screen,
then click on "Save As..." and choose the output format you want.
You can convert images of types :
Bitmap Image (*.bmp)
Joint Photographic Experts Group Image (*.jpg)
Painetta Image (*.painetta)
Graphics Interchange Format Image (*.gif)
Enhanced Metafile Image (*.emf)
Windows Metafile Image (*.wmf)
Windows Icon (*.ico)
Tagged Image File Format Image (*.tiff)
Portable Network Graphics (*.png)
You can also move to the MKWS format by converting to MKWS, to do this,
click the "Convert" menu, then "Image to MKWS" and click on "Browse..." and choose the image you want,
and then click on "Convert to MKWS".


To check for Imakwees update, you can click on "Check for Updates" from the menus and see if there are any updates.
Note that this works only if there was an internet connection.


To show/hide the status bar or the updater, you can click on "Tools" menu then click "Settings",
and you will see the settings window, and there you can show/hide the status bar and enable/disable the updater,
and you can also click the "Convertors" tab to fit the image/unfit in the convertors' screen.
Note that all these settings will be the same when you open Imakwees again, until you change it.
You can also make the image fitting in screen automatically when you open Imakwees, or shown in actual size.

Helpful Help

If you needed any help while using Imakwees you can click on "Help" menu then clicking "Help".

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