Surebo Imakwees - Convert and View Images

Surebo Imakwees

Imakwees is an image viewer, and a quality image convertor, it can also convert images to icons.
Made by Surebo Technologies, we think that it will be a popular program. We will accept any requests, comments, notes, or opinions on

Why Imakwees ?

While viewing images, the status bar will provide you with the image's location, width, and height. If the image is too big or too small, you can click "Image"
then "Shrink to Fit" and the image will fit into the window, you can show it back to its actual size by clicking "Image" then "Unshrink".
When converting, you can convert to all of the major image formats including the Windows Icon (ico) format, and unlike many image convertors,
the output image will be the same quality of the original image, without causing any loss of color or size.
All of this and more in Surebo Imakwees, and it's still FREE !

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