Surebo Browselorer - Themes

Surebo Browselorer - Themes

In Browselorer, you can color your browser with themes. there are 9 built-in themes that you can apply to Browselorer, changing the backgrounds of the menu, tool, and status bars.
While browsing, you would like a browser that has some colors, and not everyone likes that plain white background. From the Quick Tools --> Settings window, open the Customize tab and choose one of the 9 themes, or press on "More..." to create your own theme!
Besides that, you can download a brtf theme file from our themes gallery, and use it. We offer professionally-made themes, and will add more regulary!
Here are the themes currently available :

Dark Night Variant

Color Line


Theme Designer ?

Theme designer ? You can make your own brtf theme file, and send it to us. If it is good enough, we will publish it here on our Themes Gallery!
To create a brtf theme file, you should open a simple text editor like Notepad, and write the following :
Write "name:" (without the quotes) and then the name of your theme, then add a new line and write "author:" and then the name of the theme author, which is optional.
Add a new line, and write "menubar:" and the URL of the image to use as a background for the menu bar, and in a new line write "toolsbar:" and a URL of the tool bar background image, then the same goes for the status bar with "statusbar:".
If you can't host the images, tell us in an email, and we can host them for you.
After you're done, save the file with the ".brtf" extension, and attach it to an email to us. Our email address is

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