Surebo Browselorer - Features

Surebo Browselorer - Features

In this page, we highlight the most important and unique features that are in Surebo Browselorer.
Alongside a tab system, a stars (bookmarks) system, and some basic web browsing functionality, you surely need advanced and cutting-edge features, which are best served in Browselorer.

Simple yet powerful design

Despite being simply-designed, Browselorer is very powerful. Press Alt while browsing, and access a set of menus that have tons of features burried.
The Settings window is the answer to all of your internet-related problems, just open it and you can customize your Browselorer in every aspect.

Block unwanted sites and keywords

Browselorer has a unique ability of blocking certain websites, and certain keywords.
You enable the feature, add the desired websites to the list, and Browselorer blocks any page from the websites.
Same goes for the keyword blacklist. Browselorer checks in the title of the webpage, and blocks it if it contains any words you blocked.
This feature makes Browselorer one of the most family-friendly web browsers.

Flash built-in

Why should you worry about installing plugins and players to be able to view the web ? Browselorer is one of two browsers in the world that have Adobe Flash Player built-in, so you can install the browser and, everything just works.

Task Reminder

From the Quick Tools --> Settings window, you can enable a feature called WebPages ToDo, which is basically a task reminder.
You write whatever you want Browselorer to remind you of, and the next time you open your browser, Browselorer does so. You can either dismiss the message, or keep it for the next time you open your web browser.
You do access the internet a lot, that is why reminding yourself of certain tasks when the browser opens is a good idea.

Awesome address bar

The address bar, one of the most areas you'll use while browsing. It needs to be good, and that is something we have worked on.
Browselorer's awesome address bar serves up suggestions from your history based on URL's and titles, ranked by how many times you've visited each.
Lag ? No way. Even if Browselorer is loading suggestions, the address bar never lags. The suggestion mechanism runs in the background, so you can keep on typing, without noticing any kind of slow behavior.
To choose a suggestion, you can either click it with the mouse, go to it using the arrow keys and enter, or press Alt and the suggestion's number. So to go to the 3rd suggestion, you can just press Alt+3 and save yourself a few clicks.

Clean yet useful fullscreen mode

While browsing, you can press F11 for a much cleaner view of the website, for even more focus on the web. Anyway, hover with the mouse at the top of the screen, you'll see the toolbar, with everything you need to browse normally. That way you browse in fullscreen, without having to revert back to normal mode to do some basic browsing!

Gecko-based HTML5 support

Based on the Gecko 22 rendering engine, Browselorer offers support for the web's most advanced technologies, HTML5.
With more focus put on the web rather than the browser, you can browse the web without having to worry about not being able to view some websites.

View your internet history like never before

Browselorer 3 has a very comprehensive and easy to use history system. The history window (accessable from the History menu, press Alt to access) contains all your previous browsing activity, with titles, URL's, and dates.
You select one or more items to delete, star, open, or set as homepage. There is also the option to clear history, or never save future history, in the settings window.
Alongside the history window, you can press the website icon next to the address bar to see a detailed history of the website and webpage you are currently on!

Lock your browser with a password

Obsessed with privacy ? We are, too. Browselorer gives you the option to lock your browser with a password. Go to Quick Tools --> Settings, go to the security tab, and set a password.
Everytime you open Browselorer, you will be prompted to enter your password. That way, all your history, saved passwords, settings, stars, everything will be safe and secure.
Never worry again about people logging into your accounts, and keep the remember my password option even if you aren't the only user of the computer. You can also delete those remembered passwords from the settings window just in case.

Theme your browser!

Themes! In Browselorer, you can color your browser with themes. there are 9 built-in themes that you can apply to Browselorer, changing the backgrounds of the menu, tool, and status bars.
While browsing, you would like a browser that has some colors, and not everyone likes that plain white background.
From the Quick Tools --> Settings window, open the Customize tab and choose one of the 9 themes, or press on "More..." to create your own theme!
Besides that, you can download a brtf theme file from our themes gallery, and use it. We offer professionally-made themes, and will add more regulary! Theme designer ? You can make your own brtf theme file, and send it to us. If it is good enough, we will publish it here on our Themes Gallery!

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